Sveti Vlas

The resort of St. Vlas is situated in the foothills of the eastern tip of the Stara Planina mountain range, on the Black Sea coast and is 40 km north of Bourgas and just 4 km north of Sunny Beach. The climate is mild Mediterranean and is favorable for treatment of pulmonary diseases. There is a health sanatorium operating year round.

St. Vlas was founded by the Thracian tribe called Larisi in the 2nd Century AD. In the 14th Century, it adopted the name, "Sveti Vlas", after the patron saint of cattle merchants. There have been five monasteries around the village.

The 1000 m long beach with its tiny inlets is a unique romantic place. The large nearby resort of Sunny Beach is a fantastic place for entertainment both day and night. And the old town of Nessebar, a World Heritage site, will definitely conquer you with its antique beauty. With its fine beaches and attractions, Nessebar, Suny Beach, St. Vlas and Elenite form what is known as the "Bulgarian Riviera"

The combination of mountain and sea, the Mediterranean climate, the numerous private hotels offering first class service and the proximity to Sunny Beach, have made this small village a preferred tourist destination in recent years.

The village of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) is believed to have been founded by the Thracian tribe of Larisi in the 2nd century BC. At that time, it reportedly bore the name of Larisa. It was renamed "Sveti Vlas" in the 14th century AC after the patron saint of cattle growers and merchants. During Ottoman rule (late 14th-19th century AC), the village appeared in administrative registrars as "Manastir" ("Monastery") or "Kyuchuk Manastir" after the five monasteries in the vicinity of the village. Unfortunately, none of the monasteries has been preserved up to present days. Officially, it restored its name of Sveti Vlas after the reunification of the Bulgarian state in 1886.

Next to St Vlas is the international resort of Sunny Beach which practically stretches from St. Vlas in the North to Nessebar to the south. The resort offers a range of hotels, restaurants, open air markets and is rich in entertainment facilities.

Trips and entertainment on offer includes:
* Off road adventures( i.e driving quads, horse riding, air-rifle
* Excursions - Sozopol: the oldest Greek colony on the Black Sea coast
* Ropotamo: one of the most beautiful Bulgarian rivers with its drowned estuary and white water-lylies
* Bulgarian village: An excursion which will take you through some typical villages near St Vlas and will acquaint you with the unique Bulgarian folklore. Enchanting programme of dances and songs
* Misceleous programs with songs and dances
* Yacht trips